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A solid archive manager with minor design flaws and a simple interface

ZDevs |
updated on February 9, 2024
Download APK
4.9mb | free


Available for free
All crucial features are available without paying
Option to create password-protected archives
You can split the archive into many smaller parts


No buttons are available while using the app
Settings and the search button can only be accessed by going back to the storage folder
No .rar support when it comes to creating archives
Price: $
Managing archive files is definitely one of the top functions users need to have on their phones at any time. Actually, it's kind of weird that Android phones still only seem to manage .zip files by default. Any other archive format and you'll need to download an app to fulfill that function. Let's see if ZArchiver can be the app for you!

ZArchiver is available for free on the Android platform. After opening it you are greeted with a simple file explorer which you can use to select files for a new archive or to extract an existing one. The design is nothing special. The weird thing about it is that there are no buttons except the navigation bar and the plus button used to create archives.

However, navigating to the storage folder reveals the search button and a menu. These buttons don't appear anywhere else, though. ZArchiver can create the following archive formats: zip, 7zip (7z), gzip (gz), bzip2 (bz2), tar and XZ. You can immediately notice that there is no .rar format.

However, the list of archive formats you can view and extract is much longer and it includes .rar as well! We are glad to see that you can create and open password-protected archives. There are some advanced options for more advanced users as well. Archives can also be split into many parts of custom size which can be useful for larger files.

There are some Pro version exclusive features but everything crucial about the app is available for free. For example, changing the theme is exclusive to those who Donate or download the Pro version. It's a nice archive manager. It's not something to praise and it won't win any awards but it gets the job done.
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